August 27, 2011

Victoria Sponge - TWISTED

Another Great British recipe (from the Great British Book of Baking)with my own little twist added for the great British summer (we never had this year)

I never really used to like sponge cakes - probably because I never had a good one but I have found a new love for them - and particularly love this sponge recipe (my other half made it first for me - his very first cake he ever made me it was very scrummy and he only took 10 years!)

For the sponge:
175g unsalted, softened butter
175g caster sugar
175g self raising flour
3 medium free-range eggs


Lemon Curd (with Limoncello!)

Victoria Sponge with
Chambord Raspberries
& Limoncello Cream & Curd

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