December 01, 2011

What a week for baking

Have had a string of luck this week in terms of baking things... (including cakes working out!)

Baking Mad had a Facebook competition asking for our favourite taste of christmas and now I get to go to the Taste Of Christmas this weekend with my lovely friend Ros!
My favourite taste of Christmas is my mum's melting shortbread cookies baked with pecans or chocolate or fruit topping - melt in your mouth deliciousness. So happy to get them sent over from canada each year - yum yum. Oh dear - think i need to go make some now :)

Taste of Christmas are running a new event this weekend with the Best In Show Baking competition. They asked for a description (not even a pix!) of a cake that we could bake.
My idea was a Christmas Twisted Victoria Sponge (filled with lemoncello and lemon curd and berries) A Christmas outside and the happiness of summer inside.
I was shortlisted and now have to bring a cake to the show and have it judged by Eric Lanlard! (I have made some of his cupcakes in the past and they were scrummy but now........for him.....AHHHH!) I have been trying and trying and testing and changing a cake each week - need to do more now!

Little Venice Cake Company is having an Open House this week and I am lucky enough to be on the guest list - and Nuala is coming with me to have cake and champaign and hopefully we meet Mich Turner too while buying some lovely cake decorating goodies!

Stylist magazine currently have an online photo competition for cake creations which I thought I would enter and share my entries here with you. The judges are going to select 20 from the hundreds of entries for the public then to select a winner and what amazing entries there is. I didn't get shortlisted as there was such a high standard way beyond then! :) Here are the top two to vote on
 and  Have a look at this site  for amazing cupcake ideas!

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes                       Flower Cupcakes         

 Lemon Meringue Cupcakes               Macarons

Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte        Summer Meringues   

 Truffle Cakes                                           Twisted Victoria Sponge

and there was one more but will talk about it another time..... maybe :)

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