January 29, 2012

Waterside Inn - Alain/Michel Roux


At the train station en route to I didn't know where, I saw a man - piercing blue eyes, so handsome, so striking - he took me by surprise. Then it hit me - it was  Michel Roux Senior smiling back at me (the dreamy eyed crazed girl staring in awe at him) This was the best way to start a culinary day!
Little did I know we were on our way HIS legendary Roux restaurant - the Waterside Inn. Not only a Roux Restaurant (HEAVEN) but our first 3 STAR restaurant experience! An amazing anniversary surprise.

Here is a "brief" ok a gIrL "brief" glimpse at our day...

A couple glasses each of the lovely Michel Roux Champagne to start and pink champagne with our first starter
Amuse bouche was 
  • Parmesan cakes (with blue cheese & chives on top)
  • Potato crsip with fishie thing on top
  • Welsh Rarebit
  • Chicken liver parfait 
me: Ballotine de volaille farcie au chou vert et jambon de Parme (chicken ballottine filled with savoy cabbage and Parma ham with a salad of cabbage leaves and light chicken jus)
him: Rock fish soup garnished with flaked cod, garlic croutons and aioli sauce
Second Starter/Main
Lobster Claw, Lobster Tail with ginger
Wine: bottle of Faugeeres 2008 Domaine Leon Barral (wonderful red)  

Both: Tranches de fillet de rumsteak cuit a la broche, et sauce bordlaise parfumee au poivre noir Srawak  (Slices of roasted beef fump fillet garnished with crispy potato croquettes (OH MY OH MY OH MY how amazing were they filled with shin of beef and light and creamy potato inside crispy potato outside) and a terrine of braised shin with red wine sauce flavoured with Sarawak black pepper

Both: Macaroon garnished with a guanaja chocolate ganache, mango and pasion fruit creamy filling and lime sorbet. mmmmmm

ALSO: a chocolate coffee slice with CONGRATULATION written in amazingly yummy chocolate (for our engagement/anniversary celebration)

Before Dessert (end of Main) we were privelaged to have Alain Roux come over and speak to us - I was so beyond awestruck and speachless  - just in tears. We had to explain that I was a huge fan of his family and having him come over to chat was an experience of a lifetime. Truely honored to speak to him!
Alain brought us this
After dessert 
We were invited to take our cafe et mignardises outside into the private gazebo. Speachless. Speachless. Amazing. Wonderful.  Perfect.
Amazing. Wonderful. Beautiful. Perfect.

And as we were in Bray - it only seem right to pop over to the Hinds Head Pub (Heston Blumenthal's) for a Tanqueray10 with coriander & sage  and a pint for the other half. Very civilised indeed (especially after all of the lovely wine and bubbles earlier) I couldn't help myself from popping over to the Fat Duck to see if there were any tables for dinner..... my bank accounts says thank you for no availability there! I think my tummy did too!

An absolutely amazing day thanks to my wonderful other half! :)

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