December 04, 2011

A day out at Little Venice Cake Company

I was so very very lucky and honoured to be invited to the Little Venice Cake Company Christmas Open House day on Friday. My wonderful friend and I went along for a glimpse into the studio and life of Mich Turner and wow - it was wonderful. Absolutely scrummy cakes  and biscuits to try, bubbly to be had and Mich introduced me to her brand new range of bakeware (of which I had to buy a couple of treats of course!)
Meeting Mich
My Birthday presents to myself!

I stocked up on her Lustre range (Pearl, Gold and Bronze) which came in handy for my cake competition entry this weekend at the Taste of Christmas It is wonderfully glittery and it appears to dance on the cake as it goes on which looked so very cute on the little bitty gingerbread men!
Bronze on Gingerbread men
Snowflakes in each lustre
My Competition Entry (I was shortlisted but didn't place - it did get a spot on the front table with the winning cakes though!)

And I started to cry (yes cry) when I finished my cake this morning for the competition - the tears were a mixture of relief for finishing it but also because I was so happy it turned out so lovely (well I thought so anyway) The top of my sponge went on an absolute treat  (even with my shaking hands) and credit goes to the funky perspex board I got from LVCC as well and maybe because it (yes the cake) was so afraid that if it didn't work I would scream!

the cake saving board

Piping Tip
I can't wait to try out the big cupcake piping tips as well ( they worked for my sponge but, well, cupcakes are fun to show off aren't they now!)

Oh... and for dessert for the last few nights we have been polishing off (no not the 6 sponge cakes I have made in 4 days) but Mich's Triple Layer Chocolate Truffle Cake she gave us on our visit - Heaven!
I highly recommend this equipment (and you can buy at - I already have my Christmas Wish List sorted! and I can't wait for the cake ingredients to show up in Sainsbury's too!

Other lovely LVCC links:

  • Video Links - How To.. lustre a gold crown; make a sugar paste crown; cover a cake with ready to roll icing; cover a cake with ready to roll marzipan; and perfect for Xmas: Penguin Vanilla Sponge Christmas Pudding
  • Join the Cake Club to get some wonderful recipes (I made the heavenly Truffle Cake and oh my...... heavenly!!!)

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  1. Oh My GOsh! T!
    your blog is fantastic and that cake you made for the competition is a triumph!
    Go you! those bronze little g-men are delightful!
    Way to go!