January 14, 2012

Almond Raspberry Pavlova Roulade

Oh my oh my oh my - have you ever made a roulade? Well I don't know what happened in the last couple of months (well I do really...but) one thing I know now is how to and how not to make a roulade!

You might know them better as Roly Polys, Swiss Rolls or Yule Logs but in essence a Roulade is something rolled. Usually Sponge but often meringues. There are sweet ones and savoury ones and the sky is the limit on flavour combinations.

Here I mix some favourite things - Raspberries & Raspberry Jam, Toasted Almonds, Amaretto, meringue pavlova, white chocolate and amaretto cream. Oh and glitter of course!

A good meringue/pavlova needs time to bake, to cool and to go all gooey. (overnight is best). You can make a sponge roulade instead, but the sponge is better used the following day. In saying that I have had some very nice ones, both meringue and sponge, both turned out on the same day but in my experience, I can't get a lovely meringue to turn out at its best in 2hours.... so go for it and see what works best for you! :)

Pavlova (a gooey meringue)
·      3 egg whites
·      3 tbsp cold water
·      1c caster sugar
·      3tsp cornstarch (cornflour)
·      1 tsp white vinegar
·      1 vanilla pod

Almond Cream
·      300ml double cream
·      2 tsp vanilla
·      2 tbsp almond flavoured liquor (or essence if you rather)
·      ¼ cup icing sugar

Raspberry filling
·      500g fresh raspberries
·      4+tbsp sugar
·      lemon juice

White Chocolate buttercream (optional)
·      50g unsalted butter
·      1 vanilla pod
·      125g icing sugar
·      25g quality white chocolate (melted)

for decorations (optional)
·      Icing Sugar to dust
·      Raspberries and or Slivered almonds
- glitter glitter glitter - everything needs glitter

For the Pavlova  (15-20 min to prepare, 40min to bake, 20+min to cool, the longer the better though)

Set oven to 150deg C fan
Prepare lined swiss roll

Using an electric hand whisk, whisk egg whites until form stiff peaks (don't over whip)
Turn down whisker to lowest speed and slowly add 3 tbsp cold water 
Then, slowly add sugar one tbsp. at a time while continuing to whisk  - the egg whites will start to look nice and glossy
Mix together cornstarch (cornflour), vanilla, vinegar then add (yes while still whisking) to egg whites

Using a pallet knife smooth egg mixture into tin ensuring completely even and smooth
Bake in preheated oven for 30-40minutes then leave to cool in oven. Take out of oven after 20min and leave to further cool on new baking paper covered with icing sugar.  

Put slivered almonds on tray and toast in oven 2-3min (just golden brown not too dark)

For the raspberry filling (20min + cooling time)
Place fresh raspberries in heavy bottomed pan with sugar and a bit of water. Bring to boil and reduce. Allow to cool completely.

For the Cream (5min)
Whisk the cream until soft peaks form. Add icing sugar, vanilla and mix well. Then add liquour. Ensure cream is not over whisked but not too runny either.

For the White Chocolate Buttercream (15min)
Melt chocolate in bain marie. Allow to cool (not completely though or will just go hard again)
Beat the butter using electric whisk until light and fluffy. Slowly (and carefully to avoid a dust storm) add the icing sugar a bit at a time. Then add vanilla and melted chocolate.

For the Roulade (5min)
Once all parts of previously made have completely cooled you can assemble. Spread the raspberry filling on the baked pavlova ensuring nicely coated (you want every mouthful to have some of that yumminess). Then add the cream evenly on top. Don’t go crazy with it otherwise it will just squash out once you roll it up.
Now the fun bit – the rolling up “creating the roulade”

Using one of the short ends fold over about 1.5cm of the pavlova – this will help achieve the roll look. Then, using the baking paper as an aid, slowly and tightly start to roll up the pavlova – evenly. You can use a flat object (ruler/dowel) to help push the pavlova roll tighter together – after one roll/fold and keeping the paper still attached, carefully push the ruler under the fold (if that makes sense?) great how to videos online

Once all rolled up, carefully place seam downwards on a presentation plate.  You could leave like this and just devour, or you can take one step further…
Cut off ends with a very sharp knife to reveal a pretty swirl – you do have to be careful here as not to squash your lovely roll.

Cover the roll with the buttercream – you don’t have to be generous with this one – unless you have a very very very sweet tooth (not the ends tho as remember you have to show off those rolls – how often can you say that!)

Decorate however you wish. 
Decorated with Un-toasted Almonds
Toasted better in my opinion.

I rushed this one both on baking time and resting time
Shame. Shame. Shame. Lesson learnt
too late sadly. Tasted nummy though.

Lovely Gooey Meringue. left overnight 
then filled and decorated

Here are some other Roulades I have made - recipes one day....

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