February 29, 2012

The Big Egg Hunt Completed Zone8 Carnaby Street

I think Carnaby Street is my favourite West End area - lots to see, streets to explore (not to mention home my favourite Hair Salon of all times It's Something Hells) It was lovely to find little gems around this area (although the blisters on my feet from the entire day made me fail in finding the last two eggs in Liberty - hmmmm - another trip in order of course!) And now Zone 8 is complete (12/12 eggs) after a lovely browse through Liberty with some very helpful staff (dresses very lovely there at the moment!) And Bonus Benjamin Shine's Letterbox Egg was returned so I got to get a pix of it too!)
S.T.U.D. by Hannah Martin
When I Grow Up by Anna Masters
Eddie the Egg by Jon-Paul McCarthy
Rock the Casbah by Josh Stika
Sad Happy Frog Egg by Gary Card
MIRAI by Daisuke Sakaguchi
Sad Happy Frog Egg by Gary Card

My Nameless Egg by Michael Eden
My Generation by Vincent McEvoy
It's What's inside that Counts by Hazel Nicholls
Precious Pussies by Silken Favours

Untitled by Michael Vanderham
Egg Letter Box by Benjamin Shine
My Generation by Vincent McEvoy

February 28, 2012

The Big Egg Hunt Completed Zone2 Mayfair

My faith has been restored in the posh west end! I am usually quite put off by going down streets as I feel I am not flash enough to go into the expensive shops but on my adventure through these streets to find eggs I found such happy people still around! I was invited into shops with smiles and my day was that much brighter because of it! Thank you people of Mayfair! 47/47eggs found.

Egg by Sir Peter Blake
Auore by Nicky Haslam for Faberge
On/Oeuf by Oliver Clegg
A Penny For Your Thoughts by Jane Morgan

first time looking it was gone - second time it was back