March 28, 2012

And the Hunt is Complete*

40days of searching (well not even that) and I have joined the 209 Club! That is 209 eggs found out of 210 - but there is one egg that still has yet to be placed out so the best you can do is 209*.

On 21 February 2012, 208 eggs were placed around London (one more added in March and one yet to be added) in aid of charities Elephant Family and Action for Children. The eggs were designed by artists, designers, groups, chocolate makers, jewellers and more and hidden within 12 Zones spanning across London from Knightsbridge to Liverpool Street and all in between. 

In addition there was a Where's Wally Egg  - Wally has been all over London and moves daily. Clues provided via Twitter to give hints to his whereabouts. I got a clue on a lovely sunny Saturday morning and he happened to be just up the road from ours at Hackney City Farm so it was a great excuse for an amazing farm breakfast too!

The eggs will be auctioned off for charity with the highest so far being sold at £16,000! 

Egg hunters like me, had maps of each zone which outlined the number of eggs to find in the zone along with Street Names of roughly where the eggs were located. Some were easy to find, others were down right nearly impossible!  When you find an egg you text in the number (if you find all 210 eggs you would spend about £55 in texts (for charity) and each text is an entry into a draw to win a £100,000 Faberge Egg - this very one in fact - the one I got to hold but couldn't run away with it sadly!

The funny little (big) Faberge Egg
in the lovely Faberge Shop in Mayfair

Throughout the last few weeks eggs have been Stolen, yes, charity eggs have been stolen from their pedestals but luckily most have been recovered by avid hunters and help from the police. Teams of volunteers have also rallied around to spruce up the eggs on a regular basis  - cleaning them from weather, birds and graffiti and other daily wear.

EGG Zones:
after initial searching, hunter blogs and twitter notes it was soon found that some of the eggs on the maps were indeed wrongly labelled - but that was something you could only find out when you happened upon them in a strange place! The following is a list of all of my blogs for each zone as well as the Egg Hunt Maps.

Zone 2   Mayfair                                                                  Zone2Map   47/47 eggs
Zone 3   Knightsbridge & Sloane Square                              Zone3Map  20/20 eggs
Zone 4   Green Park                                                            Zone4Map     6/6 eggs
Zone 5   St James's Park                                                      Zone5Map    9/9 eggs
Zone 6   Piccadilly                                                               Zone6Map   14/15 eggs *
Zone 7   Trafalgar Square                                                    Zone7Map    12/12 eggs
Zone 8   Carnaby Street                                                      Zone8Map    12/12 eggs
Zone 9   Covent Garden                                                      Zone9Map    24/24 eggs
Zone 10 Southbank                                                             Zone10Map  15/15 eggs
Zone 11 The City                                                                Zone11Map   22/22 eggs  
Zone 12  Canary Wharf                                                        Zone12Map   11/11 eggs
Wally - random places but I only found him once                                    1/1 egg

TheBigEggHunt has been an absolutely wonderful way to see London these last couple of weeks - even better that there has been so very much glorious sunshine and people and places. I loved every minute but thought I would share some of my favourites over the 40 days.

My ratings:
Favourite Zone - Canary Wharf - such a different World!
Hardest Zone - the City - mainly because it was the first one and we wandered around randomly looking without realising the street names were actually on the map - d'oh
Easiest Zone - St James's Park - first zone completed in 40minutes - round and round we go 

Prettiest Egg(s) 
 so many pretty ones but I loved the ones in Claridges, National Theatre and Green Park

Strangest Egg 

Best Located Egg
Pretty Polly in the Lake in St James's Park

For More Information on the Big Egg Hunt, Artists, Charities and Prizes - do check out their website or on Facebook or Twitter

Check out the Big Egg Hunt Pop Up Shop in Selfridges

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