March 28, 2012

The Big Egg Hunt Completed Zone1 St Christopher's Place and Selfridges

Well I must say, leaving the shopping district until last was probably a subconscious way of realising that all of my pennies must be saved (all my eggs in one basket! ha?) no. Yes, I think it was a strategic move unknowingly - I was exhausted by the end and shopping as well as egg hunting was all a bit too too much for me so I enjoyed the whole of the hunt (apart from sadly one of the eggs by MIA was stolen the day before and still is yet to be found) 

195 - Eggit by Sebastian Wrong
67 - No Placenta by Simon Drew
58 - the Happy End of Nature by Deniz Balabaner
162 - Seasonal Egg by Milo Tchais
STOLEN 29 -Eggstatic Eggstasy by MIA 
146 - Nemesis-Sub-Terra by Alton Towers
99 - Little Boy  by Antony Micallef
80 - The Alpha Egg of London by Joanne Holbrook
44 - Robi & Walt  and 45 - Walt & Robi
by Physical Pixels
97 - The Birds Promise by Rob Ryan
144 - Self Eggspression by Selfridges
90 - The Social Egg by Titus Roemer
38 - What Came First the Chicken or the Egg by Suzie Turner

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