March 31, 2012

The Big Egg Hunt I Found a Wally! THREE in fact

Great way to start a Saturday afternoon - "Wally says bring the whole family for the day! Join him, Larry the Donkey and Pearl the pig…" and so we did - off to Hackney City Farms for a last minute decision on breakfast.

Wally was hangin' with the chicks when we arrived!

Where's Wally by Martin Hanford 

Some more adventures next week to find some of the other 123 eggs left! (I know of someone who has already found 208 of 209 eggs hidden) that was over a week ago - amazing!

Happy Hunting

Oh and Pretty Polly artist Karen Hollis found my blog with a picture of her egg
Here is her tweet!

Check out this site:  A lovely Pretty Polly pic from 

Wally was round the corner from work on Friday - a place which has been run by 4 family members since 1910 and was the first hotel to have ensuite bathrooms in every room AND was where the dutchess of cornwall prepped for her royal wedding last year - the Goring Hotel

And the last Week of the Big Egg Hunt is coming to an end. I am happy - 209 eggs and Wally spotted twice. Brilliant. The last Saturday of the hunt I am on my way to a wedding fair which just completely by fluke happens to be across from the Museum of Childhood, a place I have been meaning to visit for a while. And what is today's clue?  Wally's surrounded by childhood trinkets at this East London museum... Brilliant. I love Wally popping up nearby. What ever will I do when this hunt has finished! :) Ok ok ok - i will BAKE

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