August 21, 2012

It's what's inside that counts! GBBO series 3 now on and the challenge begins

The Great British Bakeoff (GBBO) Series 3 has started! Great way to start the summer in London!  I can't believe a year has passed since Jo & Holly starred in Series 2 and Edd and Ruth in Series 1 two years before! What inspiration these 4 have given me over this time! I have even had the chance to meet Jo & Ruth and trial out so many of their delights. I imagine this year will have more creative things to add to the recipe collection!! Can't wait!
Will it be Cathryn (I LOVED her cupcake inside her cake!) or Ryan or James or John? Sadly Natasha left in week one but the baking must go on!

So .... the sun is out and the oven is on - yes, should be outside but with the tempting ideas and talented stars on this year's programme, how can one not run off to create something exciting.
And that is what I have tried.....

Episode 1 - all about CAKE - and although I thought I would give each week's blind test a go but to choose over a Rum Baba (not a rum fan!) and the Cake inside a cake cake  - well  -I do like a challenge and to get a cake pattern right on the inside - my challenge was set - it was just my chance to try out something I have wanted to do for ages!

A spotty cake! On the Inside!

A little bit of chocolate, a lot of orange and some fancy colouring and I came up with this for my lovely friend's birthday! Still some tweaking to do to find the best recipe so that the batter is the right consistency, some trials with times and some thoughts on decorations but I thought for first time - not so bad! What do you think!!?? I will practice more and update here (if I didn't blog about the first attempt I would get so incredibly behind!!!)

how to make dots inside a cake (cupcakes in this instance!)

Find a cake batter you like - that is thick and not runny! I used  a double batch of my Chocolate Orange cupcake recipe but didn't add the cocoa until I separated the batter into three. (I am going to test again with a different recipe because I think this is a little runny and wasn't 100% about it - but it will just keep you coming back for more to see future attempts! Watch this space!

once you have a recipe you like, split it into 3 (1/2-3/4c x 2 and the rest for the main colour -  colour each whatever your little heart desires! For this version I made shades of brown:
1 . a very dark chocolate colour (which I added the cocoa into as well as some dark brown paste colour and a bit of black colour);
2.  I mixed a little bit of the dark colour mixed batter with one of the plain batters and that made a nice light/med brown colour
3. For the main colour I added a bit of ivory colour paste to the last largest bowl of batter

Place each coloured batter into a separate disposable piping bag (you can use a plastic sandwich bag for each and cut a small hole in the corner - but it isn't so easy to control)

Pipe a small amount of your main colour into the bottom of each cupcake case.
Then pipe a thin dot of the darkest colour in two places on top of the main batter.
Add a thick but smaller sized dot of the med colour on top of the darkest colour and then top off  each dot with another thin dot of the darkest colour.

That was wordy! But this is what it can look like

Pipe on and around the dots with another thin layer of the main colour and repeat the dots (try to put the dots in the opposite place to the first layer - if you can remember!)

Then top off again with the rest of the main colour. You should get 12 cakes like this.

Bake for about 15min on 160deg celcius (fan oven) but check to make sure it is baked completely when a cake skewer is placed inside and comes out clean. I couldn't wait to try later so had to see if they turned out before decorating!!! not bad.... not the best but.... not bad! Can't wait to try again

then you put a little decoration on top and wait for your friends to find the surprise themselves!

More testing of this
Some Rum Babas to try
Cathryn's Apple, hazelnut and Calvados upside down cake is a definite future dessert! 
Next week is BREAD! Paul Hollywood's game. What does he have in store for the

(Ok I am late with the blog so we already know but it's a long weekend for me so a plait or a bagel or a flatbread.... we will see!)


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