About gIrL

Growing up in Canada with a mother who baked all the time I learnt a great deal about cakes, cookies, tray bakes and goodies particularly for birthdays and Christmas. I baked with my sister and brother from an early age , baked a bit in my school/college days (well probably not much), baked a bit more in NZ then had several years while living on islands without so much as an oven (or even a stove). So coming back to London and a kitchen kickstarted the years of missed baking and here I am now.

I have no formal training in either baking or cooking but I do spend far too many hours watching shows that give me ideas and surfing the internet for tips and tricks.

Having left Canada 14 years ago I spent time travelling and living in many different places and getting a feel of different food and ingredients throughout the world.

This blog is not only about baking but cooking as well as although the cakes and treats are the most exciting most of the time, I get just as much happiness by pulling together and amazing meal.

I hope you enjoy.
(why gIrL Bakes? - I once was called "girl" for a long time in a house of all boys and ... well the nickname still makes me smile...)