Suppliers & Links

Some useful online suppliers (mostly in UK) - all of which I have bought from or spoken to so definitely recommend - and are reasonably priced (I have only listed some of the things stocked by these suppliers so do check out their websites for more!)

Little Venice Cake Company - Mich Turner range through Cake Craft World
  • Baking, Decorating Tools   
  •  Baking, Cooking, Decorating & around the house
  • Cutters, Stencils, Moulds, Tools
  • Luster dusts, sprays, colours, decorations
  • Wrappers, boxes, bags
  • Chocolate transfer sheets
Cakes Cookies & Crafts
  • cutters, tools, novelty tins
  • Chocolate making supplies
  • Cake Pop Supplies
  • Glitters, sparkles, decorations
Surbiton Sugar craft

  • Gold/silver leaf, gold/silver flakes

    Books - I couldn't possibly even try to list all of the books I recommend but here are some of the latest which I do have on my mind at the moment:

    How to Videos