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I start with burns - as I am currently typing poorly due to burning two of my fingers while thinking that aluminium foil on the bbq wasn't hot. Silly. Now 4 hours later, still in pain and the web scoured for solutions I bring a variety of them here now. Looking back to a horrid grease burn I had on my finger which immediately blistered the skin off -  I wish I would have done what I am suggesting below. Grin and bear it but be smart....

BURNS in the kitchen
1. Immediately put under cold running water (not ice, not hot - COLD) for anytime between 5-15min to help control the pain and help prevent the onset of blisters
2. Carefully dry area completely (in my case I wasn't patient and due to pain returning I returned my fingers to a bag of ice - again ... and again... and again....) In my opinion GIVE IT TIME to hurt. It isn't pleasant but speaking from experience as I write this now, I have had the ice off now for 10min and the pain has only just started to ease... the burn needs air and needs to breath. No mustard, no toothpaste, no curry leave paste, no frozen peas..... just hold your breath and be brave.
3. Apply anti-septic cream (when you feel ready - I had to take it off twice as it pain increased intensely) - when you can keep it applied and lightly wrap with gauze .
4. If blisters do appear (but they won't cause you left it under cold running water for long enough right) but if they do DO NOT pierce/pop them. They are protecting you from infection. Keep area dry and clean.
5. Time will heal. 
* the pain of my burn was intense 15 min ago (from 4 hours ago) and by leaving it to dry and hurt without ice and water - it has actually calmed down immensely. I might be able to sleep now! ** Pain eased quick and I woke up after wrapping fingers lightly with breathable plasters before going to bed and they were tender but not sore. Hope this could help at least one person!